Quick Cherry Chia Coconut Yogurt ~~ low carb~~

Hey guys!    A real quick and easy recipe here.  This has become my new breakfast favorite this week.

I've recently cut my carbs down to about 30% a day of everything that I eat.  So I came up with this recipe off the top of my head.

I love plain yogurt

I love cherries

I love coconut

I like chia seeds

This takes about 10 minutes to make.  You can put it together while your coffee is brewing.

I hope you enjoy this and comment below!


Crockpot Refried Beans

You'll be ever so picky with your refried beans after you learn to make these!  Even Mama Rosito will ask you for the recipe!

Impress your family on your next Mexican themed dinner night.

Impress your friends at the next social gathering.

Make the church ladies say "Mmmm mmmm, Good God!" at the church potluck!

About the Ingredients:  

I like to buy my pinto beans that are in the mid price range at the store.  Not all beans are alike.  If you compare a bag of the cheapest beans with a bag say that is $1 more, you can see a difference in the size of the beans. The cheaper ones usually are smaller.  Also, the color is different.  The small beans usually are darker in color.  This, of course, are just my observations. 

I used a yellow onion in this recipe.  Yellow onions cause less crying when cut, do not become mushy when saute'd, and they have the sweetest taste.

These spices, cumin, chili pepper, garlic powder, salt n pepper are a must.  You probably think, that is all?!  Well, it's how much you spice in this recipe, not the variety.  I always keep my chili powder in the freezer, to retain the flavor and color.  I use Sea Salt.  I use ground pepper from my pepper grinder.   If you decide to use Garlic Salt, omit the Sea Salt.



Raspberries and Yogurt Summer Cake

Summer is just around the corner.  Here in South Texas it gets blistering hot!!!  The last thing I want to eat is a heavy cake with sticky sweet buttercream frosting.  It makes me so thirsty and feeling unsatisfied.

Also, here in South Texas in the summer it is so hot that your buttercream frosting will run off your cake in between the time you get it in your hot car to the time you get to that social event.  No good!

This Raspberries and Cream cake is light, refreshing, tangy, and sweet.

It's very easy to make.  If you have greek yogurt that is about to expire, this is a great way to use it!  I used plain Kirkland Greek yogurt.  You could use raspberry greek yogurt, it just may make your batter a bit on the pink side.

My recipe uses frozen raspberries that I strained while making the batter.  You can use fresh, too.

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