Make a Black Bean Burger now! It's so easy.

This past weekend I found myself in a peculiar situation.  I had no meat ready for dinner.  Oh I had meat, but it was frozen.  So, what's a girl to do for dinner???

Pantry shopping!  I went pantry shopping.  I found black beans.  I always buy them in bulk at Costco.  I love black beans.  I love black bean burgers.  So why not make them?!

And so.....  I did!

Time to make the burgers!



Shrimp Fry w/ Louisiana brand

It's that time of year where most people can go outside and enjoy the nice weather.  We had such weather last weekend here in South Texas.  It was also my Birthday , so wanted to do something special.

My boyfriend had been wanting to buy a fryer he had seen at our local grocery store.  Well, lit finally came on sale, so he went and bought it.  We also bough frozen cod and  fresh shrimp.

We used grape seed oil in the fryer.

I am going to focus on the shrimp for this blog post.


Wilton 5 layer cake kit results

This last Christmas I received Wilton's Easy Layers Cake Pan Set.  It is a 5 layer cake mix set!  My brother knows I love to bake so this was a great gift to receive from him.

This past Tuesday we had an Ice Day at my school, so no work for me!  I decided to give this cake pan set a try. * I found a few videos on you tube, but not enough to know much about it.

So I just used a Betty Crocker white cake mix.  There are recipes that came with the set, but I chose the easy way since it is called Easy Layers!  

The directions say that if you are using a cake mix that you will put approximately 3/4 cups of batter into each greased pan.  It ended up being 3/4 cup plus 2 tablespoons into each pan.  I greased my pans with Crisco Butter Flavor shortening.  

Below are photos of the process I went through.

After mixing the batter, I measured out 5 bowls with 4/3 cup and 2 tablespoons of cake batter.

I added my food coloring to each bowl of batter.

I baked the cakes at 350 for 12 to 15 minutes.

This is how they looked after baking.  Not bad.